Talent Assessment

Empowering you to make the right people decisions

Our Talent Assessment Approach

At GML, our team of well-trained Organizational Psychologists employ state-of-the-art behavioural assessment technologies to profile your talents and leaders, and provide insights into their capabilities and future potentials.
We go beyond the surface level of observable skills and behaviors to understand  the candidate’s personality, motives, and values to empower the right people decisions. 

Driving Business Outcomes

We provide you with a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your talent by combining robust psychometrics, realistic business simulations, and in-depth behavioral interviews in our assessment solutions.
With a comprehensive understanding of your candidate’s capabilities and potentials, you will be able to make the right people decisions and match them to the right jobs to maximise business success.

A robust assessment allows you to understand how your talents can support your overall mission to drive business results.

Our full range assessment tools

 Official Partner of Talogy

Cognitive Ability Tests

A suite of three adaptive ability tests to assess your candidates’ potential and capability to be a high performer in your organizations.

Personality Quesitonnaire

Powerful in measuring work styles and competencies that are essential to job performance.

Value & Motive Questionnaire

Explores personality from the Inside - the core goals, values, drivers and interests that determine what we desire and strive to attain.

Situational Judgement Tests

Realistic work scenarios to identify a participant’s judgement and decision making capabilities in different work scenarios.

Resilience Questionnaire

Innovative assessment to measure reaction to setbacks and challenges, enabling sustainable peak effectiveness.

VirtualAC Simulation

Immersive and interactive online business exercises simulating work environment to measure work capabilities.

Assessment Centre Business Simulation

Predicts how candidates would behave in real-life work settings, by mirroring situations in actual practice and assessing their capabilities.

360-degree Feedback Survey

Comprehensive feedback tool provides participants with an accurate picture of how their behaviour and skills are perceived by others.

Competency-based Interviews

Finds out candidates' specific skills, competencies, experience, attitude and cultural fit with structural and behavioral questions.

The GML team has impressed us with their advice, insights as well as strong support in helping us define and implement the talent assessment and development solutions we need. We value the professionalism GML brings to the table and look forward to our ongoing partnership.

Daniel Wan – VP, Worldwide HR, Atotech