Build a resilient workforce with the Resilience Questionnaire

Assessing & Developing Resilience:

1 to 1 coaching: Focused sessions helping individuals develop their resilience
Workshops: Group sessions to upskill multiple employees
Well-being programs: Built into wider well-being programs, with the potential to involve apps or e-learning
Selection interviews: Explorative interviews in pre-hire or post-hire selection

Why the Resilience Questionnaire

Provide proven strategies

The Resilience Questionnaire helps people understand and develop the psychological strategies and resources to navigate challenge, change, and burnout.

Understand the bigger picture

Data gathered in the Resilience Questionnaire can inform strategic initiatives such as well-being programs, culture change, and leadership development programs.

Build a cohesive talent strategy

With TalogyTech, the Resilience Questionnaire is mobile-compatible, accessible, and can be easily integrated into multiple talent assessment activities to help build a more resilient workforce.

Get trained, simply and easily

Training for the Resilience Questionnaire is engaging, delivered virtually, and easy to access globally.

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