Assessing job-relevant judgment & behaviors using the dilemmas series™

With the Dilemmas Series you can:

Management Dilemmas™

Find or develop effective managers for your organization.

Graduate Dilemmas™

Find the graduates who are right for you.

Administrative Dilemmas™

Find the right people for your admin, clerical, and secretarial roles.

Customer Service Dilemmas™

Find The Candidates Who Can Meet And Exceed Face-To-Face Customer Expectations.​

Call Center Dilemmas™

Find those who can deliver outstanding customer service.


Why the Dilemmas Series™

Be job relevant

Assessments reflect practical, realistic, and relevant job scenarios, so you get greater perceived job relevance for your candidates.

Assess Judgment Reliably

Judgment and decision-making are very important at work, as it drives what we do and how effective we are. Measuring this important characteristic is very difficult, but The Dilemmas Series makes it possible.

Customized for added impact

Benefit from our wealth of expertise and experience in designing innovative and customized SJTs for client organizations.

Experience Efficiency

Everything is designed with fully automated marking for quick and error-free scoring.

Create Greater User Experience

Get online delivery via TalogyTech so you can easily invite candidates to take tests.

Access Analytics

Track candidate progress and view or export candidate scores at any point in your recruitment project.

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