Solution for Competency-based Interview (CBI)

Learn and apply best practice approaches to make your interviews more efficient and predictive.

Our CBI Solution includes:

Questions can be aligned to a unique competency framework
Over 1,000 interview questions in our interview bank
Ready-to-use interview training courses
Support you to Deliver legally defensible, predictive, and consistent interviewing experiences
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Why Our CBI Solution

Predict on-the-job success

Structured interviews have been shown to be one of the most predictive of future behavior on the job.

Generate Interview Guides

Our expert consultants can generate interview guides from any assessment in your selection process, such as a personality assessment, or standalone interview guides.

Deep Insight

Solicit deep information and more explicit evidence to show how a candidate would act or perform in a role. 

Benchmark Performance

Asking all candidates the same questions ensures everyone is assessed objectively, while allowing you to benchmark performance in a directly comparable way.

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