Go remote with VirtualAC™

Online business simulations for assessment and development.

An innovative approach to remote assessment centers

highly immersive and interactive virtual business simulation exercises to select and develop your people
administer and mark exercises quickly and easily online using our streamlined marking system, which incorporates our SmartScoring formula, cutting assessor marking time by a third compared to paper-based marking.

Why VirtualAC™

Make high quality decisions

Virtual simulations present realistic working challenges so your participants can demonstrate key behaviors important for success in the job. This gives you the ability to see the participant in action and get powerful evidence of an individual’s capabilities, ensuring you identify the right people.

Access exercises for any level

Our exercises cover administrative, graduate, first-line management, middle management, and executive leadership roles.

Deliver powerful behavior assessment

Use VirtualAC for selecting and developing your leaders, high-potential talent, and front-line staff.

Assess a range of competencies

Discover business simulations that cover a range of competencies in our highly flexible platform. Ask your participant to complete an inbox exercise, a day-in-the-life exercise, an analysis report, or create a full virtual Assessment Center that incorporates several different activities.

Experience unrivaled virtual capability

You get a world-class online platform for modern and engaging remote assessment, with no delay.

Use anywhere, anytime

Meet your candidates where they are with assessments delivered in any location where an internet connection is available, ensuring a fast process with global consistency.

Promote your brand

You are able to provide a branded and immersive assessment experience for your participants as well as a realistic job preview, positively showcasing your employer brand.

Host your own exercises

The platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, so if you have your own exercises, these can be uploaded onto VirtualAC.

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