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Agile Transformation for Business Success


The client was a Germany based world’s leading manufacturer of safety-critical systems for rail and commercial vehicles. Their branches in China were established two decades ago and had maintained a strong presence since then. Recently, they were facing both external and internal challenges that were threatening their market leading position.


  • Insufficient agility to respond to rapid changes in the market and customers’ demand.
  • Increasing threats from the local disruptive competitors.
  • Ineffective implementation of top-level strategies.
  • Strong silos across departments and teams.
  • Lack of ownership and motivation among employees.


  • To sustain their market leading position and continue business growth, it was important for them to instil a strong customer-oriented mindset, to align and realise the company strategies, to reshape the workplace culture and build a great sense of ownership and collaboration among the teams.

Tailor-made Solution

Strategy Mapping Workshop

Identified the company’s overarching objectives and strategy map.

Team coaching to enhance alignment and collaboration of management team

OKR & Agile Methodologies

Establishing OKR, the agile goal-setting framework, to engage teams setting aspiring and achievable goals that were aligned with the overarching company strategies as well as other functions’ objectives.

Agile principles were introduced to build a culture of “be obsessed with customer”, “hyper-collaborative” and “continuous improvement”.

Scrum methodologies were adopted to set up processes that enhanced employees’ ownership and engagement, and cross-functional transparency, communication and collaboration.

Sprint reviews, quarterly reviews, team coaching and on-going support were provided to ensure the effective implementation of the initiatives

Executive Leadership Coaching

To help coachees understand their strengths, career aspiration and deep motives in order to boost their capabilities to lead the company forward, and to engage and motivate their teams to achieve.


80% of the company OKRs were achieved, with 2 teams overachieving 120% of the goals.

The project was cascaded from originally 7 teams to company-wide scale.

An agile, open-communication and collaborative culture was fostered.

The project teams were proud of their work and promoted the initiatives as well as success stories internally and externally.

Employees in different levels were highly engaged and proactively volunteer to be champions of the initiatives.

The OKR and Agile Methodologies are still being used today to facilitate sustainable growth of the company.

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