16pf® Personality Assessment

Measures the qualities and attributes needed for success in a particular role.

16pf® can help you to:


Understand a candidate's behavior patterns through personality traits.


Identify key personality characteristics that contribute to on-the-job success.


Provide clear insights into a candidate's expected performance.


Create a legally defensible hiring process.


Recognize a candidate's potential for leadership and preferred leadership style.


Why 16pf®

Deliver objectivity

Get empirical measurement of the personality traits that enable you to select and develop the people who will help your organization thrive.

Be Confident

16pf gives you validated results so you can be sure you are making the right selection decisions and development investments.


Increase Self-awareness

16pf measures an individual’s strengths as well as areas for development.

Leverage emerging technology

Enhance user experience with a mobile-friendly assessment and secure global cloud-based delivery.

Powered by TalogyTech

Talogy’s powerful talent management platform includes the implementation of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) on 16pf 6th edition.

Customize your reports

Brand the portal and reports with your look and logo.

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